The work of the Osaksi project has come to an end, but some of the activities continue as part of the other activities of the Asylum Seekers’ Association (Tutu).

Osaksi provided advice and assistance on residence permit and asylum issues between 2020 and 2022. Osaksi created an approach based on openness, equality and community, with the aim of meeting people holistically. It also strengthened the well-being, inclusion and agency of newcomers.

Partly supported by a project grant from STEA.

The final seminar of the Osaksi project took place in Helsinki on 15.2.2023. Read more!

The four srands of Osaksi


Osaksi provided support in residence permit and asylum matters to asylum seekers and other immigrants in situations where they cannot get help elsewhere.

Mental health support

In Osaksi, asylum seekers and other migrants in difficult life situations in the midst of uncertain permit processes also received support on mental health and coping issues.


Osaksi organised various events where newcomers could get support, advice and friends. Events included information and accommodation evenings focused on counselling, language corners to support language learning and community cooking evenings. Some of the events were organised in-house and others with partners. All participants coul also propose and organise their own events.


Part was a community to belong to. The community was built through an approach based on equality, openness and inclusion. Everyone was welcome to join, regardless of background.