Contact the advice: ja Facebook Messenger. The advice is open from Monday to Thursday. We will answer you as soon as we can.

The open advice evening at the office on Tuesdays at 3 to 6 pm. Please follow our Facebook page for updates


The Pasila Office

Entrance: at Rahakamarintori (next to restaurant Mestarikilta, 2nd floor)
Postal address: Rahakamarinportti 3A, 00240 Helsinki, Finland

Staff contact info

Veera Kaleva
+358 44 2444 119

Outi Popp
+358 44 2442492

Lena Pettersson
+358 44 977 4675

Meri Korniloff
executive director
+358 44 242 0031

Accessibility. The main entrance at Rahakamarintori is accessible. There is a lift to the 2nd floor, where our office is located. The toilet is unfortunately not accessible with a wheelchair.

Safe space. The office follows the safe space principles. This means for example that you should not touch another person without asking a permission, say bad things about them or ask about their private matters if they don’t want to talk. Be respectful. The principles apply in all our activities.